We create Financially
Self-Sufficient Communities

you read that right.
right here.
right now.
the middle class is resurrected again.

a really big problem

230 Million Americans
or 78% Of U.S. Workers
Live Paycheck to paycheck.

Source: Harris Poll/CareerBuilder 2017
Nearly 3 in 4 workers say they are in debt today
Source: Harris Poll/CareerBuilder 2017
Roughly 40% of Americans who are considered middle class will fall into poverty or near poverty by the time they reach age 65
Source: Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis
The top 1% officially have more money than the whole middle class
Source: Business Insider / Federal Reserve

Our Solution

The World's First Financial Habitat
First Physical Location Opening In Pasadena, California , This Year.
AI-Supported Personal Financial Mapping
REVO Habitat
An Amazingly Designed Brick & Mortar Habitat
Financial Education & Training
Youth and Adult Classes, Workshops, Business Coaching
Financial Advisory
AI-assisted Financial Advisory, Needs-based product structure

The first ever totally personalized AI platform

The Client’s And Advisor’s Best Friend
Discover Your Financial Being
REVO is a client-facing Artificial
Intelligence (AI) powered financial advisor and facilitator.
Revo protects your data.
Revo will never share or sell it.

What can you ask REVO?

“Hey REVO, my kid just got accepted to Harvard. Can you help me come up with the money for tuition?”
“REVO, I just started my new business and
I need help to manage and reduce my debt”
Meet Uzrad Lew, Who is reviving The middle class.
Uzrad Lew is the founder and CEO of YOUNITY.
Read more about Uzrad
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Uzrad Lew

Spanning over 25 years, Uzrad has led a notable career in corporate finance at the global level as a financial advisor, investment banker, dealmaker, negotiator as well as involvement in the structuring of numerous venture capital and private equity funds.

After retiring as Captain in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and serving as an assistant to two IDF Chiefs of Staff and to the Director of Military Intelligence, Uzrad was nominated as the top financial advisor to the Palestinian Authority (PNA). He has since advised major US and European corporations on a variety of banking and investment strategy issues as well as on risk aversion mechanisms.

More recently, Uzrad turned to the emerging cryptocurrency market as an active investor and dealmaker. He is a top advisor to investors and financial institutions looking to solidify buy/sell positions in this emerging market.

He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and is the Founder of YOUNITY, a FinTech Start-Up revolutionizing the US Financial Advisory Sector.