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Younity raises $2M from KiwiTech in an early seed round

October 26, 2022

‍Younity, an IMPACT startup, creating Financially Self-Sufficient Communities, has raised $2M from KiwiTech. The transaction was officially closed two weeks ago.

Why it matters:

Younity’s novel ecosystem will not only transform the financial advisory sector but will highlight the path to the resurrection of America’s Middle Class.

How it works: 

Younity is about to revolutionize the way America’s Middle Class behaves financially:

  • Younity’s first-ever “financial habitat”, REVO, is where financial advisors and their local clients weave a never-before-seen empowering and solution-driven community.
  • At their various locations spread across the nation, Younity will provide the underserved middle class with financial advisory services, financial education, and an inspiring workspace wired by REVO 2.0, a state-of-the-art AI-driven data and support platform.

What KiwiTech has to say:

  • “We believe in Younity’s vision to empower America’s middle class and it’s no less than an honor for us to support their mission through our technological expertise and innovation ecosystem. We’re excited to see what future holds for them,” said Rakesh Gupta, Founder & CEO of KiwiTech.
  • Under this partnership, KiwiTech will be offering technology resources, access to capital, and networking opportunities to help Younity scale their product, raise funds and network with key industry leaders.

What’s Next: 

Younity is planning to raise $5-10M by the end of Q1 2023 and open its first REVO by end of Q4 2023. Each REVO will be an independent profit center and eventually will be owned by members of the local Younity community.

Go Deep:

Please visit Younity’s website at Feel free to download our Investor deck from the Website. Please also visit KiwiTech’s website at

Of note:

Younity is open to exploring investments and grants from Non-Profit organizations and Social Impact oriented foundations and NGOs.

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